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Dec 25

Ep 46: New AGA Owner First Steps

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Okay so you’ve just acquired an AGA Cooker, say you’ve moved into a house or just bought one. Here Graham Rogers goes through the steps that you need to take when you get your first AGA. If you’ve bought a house with an AGA in the kitchen, what do you need to do first? What would be useful? What book would be best to buy? Which pans should you get? Here is a guide for you.

Dec 24

Ep 45: Oven Cleaning Business For Sale? Selling and Buying An Oven Cleaning Business

By Graham Rogers | podcasts

So you looking at buying an oven cleaning business or buying a resale area of an established franchise. What things should you look out for. What things could you improve on to make the business be more successful and profitable?