Zanussi Double Oven Lugs Broken Off

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Mar 24

If you have a go at cleaning a Zanussi single or double oven yourself be careful of the lugs when you take the door apart.  Zanussi means also AEG and Electrolux too as they are often are the same (or very similar) cookers/ovens with different branding.

So procedure for taking a Zanussi door apart so that you can clean the inside of the door:
1. Remove screws so that the outer door is no longer fixed to the inner door.
2. Now carefully lift the outer door up so that the lugs on the bottom of the door come out of the holes they are located in and are free of them BEFORE you pull the doors apart.
3. Putting back is the reverse of this.

if you don't lift the outer door clear of the locating holes at the bottom before pulling the doors apart the lugs will break off as they are plastic (sometimes they are metal which of course doesn't cause a problem). This means that the doors won't go back together! You will have to get the oven door repaired. See my next post to see how we fix them.

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