Jun 18

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After seeing the TV programme Raising the Bar on Channel 4  I went in search on Willie's chocolate in the local Waitrose store but it had a slot for it but said 'out of stock'. I went back again that week then the week after and the week after and finally I bought some of his chocolate. Anyway fabulous stuff and I have now been going back for more every couple of days but more often than not it is 'out of stock'. I went yesterday and it was out of stock so have to be content with Green and Blacks but really after trying Willie's chocolate nothing compares.

On the Apprentice Final on the BBC recently they had to make a chocolate box and there were some comments about men not buying chocolate for themselves. I was in the queue for the  '10 items and less' till with my just my box of Willies Delectable Cacao Venezuelan 72  to pay for and the bloke in front of me had one too. So there you go who says men don't buy Chocolate for themselves. My wife can't stand it, she likes her milk chocolate, so I get to eat it all…

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