Will an AGA Cooker Fit Into a Skoda?

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May 13
Will an AGA Cooker fit into a Skoda? Well Yes it does; read more to find out how…You may be asking yourself this same question as you drive up the motorway to pick up your recent purchase on Ebay like we were last week. I was going to pick it up in the van but woke up on Saturday thinking that we haven't got anything on for the day and we might as well go and pick the AGA up in the car as we could all go. So after confirming it will the seller in Stratford on Avon off we went. But on the way my wife said are you sure it is going to fit into this car? Our car is a new Skoda Superb (for the record it really is superb!) and if you know anything about them it basically is a VW Passat that has been stretched and had a very nifty and useful hatchback door put on it. Anyway all I could find on the net was AGA's site where I found the dimensions of the AGA and then we stopped and we measured the opening and size of the boot and it all seemed okay. When we got there the first shock was that the AGA still looking like it was in situ and need to be dismantled fully. As it said on the Ebay listing that it was dismantled I was expecting it to be in bits. But it was all together in the hallway of the house – see attached photo. But it had been dismantled and it was just a case of undoing the bolts which were all finger tight. We lifted all the bits into the boot without putting the seat down. The picture attached shows nearly all of it in. On top of these bits I put the side panels and the base plate and wedged them in with some blankets. We didn't have room for two bags of vermiculite that the Ebay seller had got ready for us to take.


I bought the AGA cooker on Ebay a couple of weeks ago – for £123. Yes it was a good buy but it was a pre 1974 one (means that it has the step on the back of the enamel top), was a conversion (it had been converted from the original coal fuel to gas)  and it had a problem with the gas burner unit. For me this didn't matter a bit as I am 'collecting' cookers for my ongoing building of my 'oven cleaning training centre' in our garages and I need an AGA. As I don't want to put in a flue, if I do decide get it working I intend to get it converted to work on electricity. There are two companies that I have looked at and the price of conversion to 13 Amp is about £1700. The running costs apparently are about £16 a week if you put in lots of insulation in, there is a trade off of getting the running costs down but also reducing the amount of heat the cooker radiates. I'll write another post about this. 


Overall the AGA we bought was a very good buy as I was thinking that I was going to have to enamel a few bits but really the enamel is nearly perfect – I suspect it is a refurbished AGA and the stainless steel tunnels confirm this.


I'm going to do some renovation work on my garage before I put in the AGA so it may be a month or so before I do this. But I'll keep you posted.

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