How Do I know What Oven Model That Is?

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Jul 03

When people phone up to book in their ovens with us they sometimes say it’s such and such model and they even walk into the kitchen to see what model it is. If I’m answering the phone, like I have been this week, it’s a case of

microwave oven door detail

microwave oven door detail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

what? I know AGA models pretty well but for others I just tend to remember the manufacturer. So for example a NEFF standard or double, A Belling range etc. We’ve got a process in place where we ask the enquirer what the layout of the cooker is, and we nearly always find the correct layout of the cooker so we can give the quote. So we ask them the right questions to find out what their cooker is so we can give them the right price.

We really only need to know the exact model when a replacement part needs to be sourced. Say the seal has broken, or the light bulb cover has gone missing, or the hinges on door need replacing. Then it’s a case of finding the little silver ‘type’ plate that gives the model number, the serial number, etc. These are located sometimes on the door frame and sometimes on the inside of a warming door (on 90cm ranges). In the past when I have been cleaning an oven and I’ve seen the ‘type’ plate all dirty I’ve taken it off; guess what happens next? I’ve broken something and I’ve had to make an spare part order but where’s the model number??

A lot of people keep the manual for the oven in a draw in their kitchen, I know this as I sometimes get shown it – when I tell them that we don’t usually take that door apart, for example the last time it happened was when we were cleaning a NEFF Slide and Hide single oven. The lady said that he told you how to do it in the manual and produced it. We did take off the door in the end and clean the glass. I’ve done a training video on it – I’ll upload it soon.

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