What is the cost of heating up our Oven Cleaning Dip Tank

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Jan 14

This is a frequently asked question. How much does it cost to heat up our plastic oven cleaning dip tank? The answer is it isn’t a lot. I have never measured it but it a few pence a day as we have an off peak meter that provides electricity at a low rate during the night.

We have the off peak meter because we have a 30 Amp AGA which is effectively a huge night storage heater that does a great job of cooking too! The cost for the off peak electricity useage is £40 a month and most of this is for running the AGA. Therefore the cost to heat up my tank is minimal.

The guys who work for us heat up at home every night and they don’t complain about the cost even the one who had a card meter who worked for us last year. But I expect this is about £1 to £2 a day.

Compare this with a gas burner system using propane. I’m guessing you’d get through a cylinder every ten days or so, so say two working weeks. The cost of a 6KG refill is going to be £20 top end. So not much in it really.

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