What is AIMS on an AGA Cooker?

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May 20

13 Amp AGA AIMS control centreImage by Ivydale via Flickr

    If you get a 13 Amp Electric AGA it will come already fitted with AIMS. AIMS stands for, taken from the Spillers AGA dealers in Chard Somerset Cookcentre site:

The Aga Intelligent Management System (AIMS), is a sophisticated programme, which allows you to adjust the
output of your Aga, to suit your way of life. To put it simply, it means your Aga can sleep when you do, and
only operate at normal power when it is needed.

can be fitted to current 13 Amp Electric Agas and selected gas models
and is controlled by a stylish and minimalist remote control handset.

AIMS programme is very flexible and for ease of use it comes preset
with two active periods each day. The Aga will be at normal temperature
for breakfast in the morning, drop down to a lower temperature during
the day, then return to normal temperature ready to cook the evening
. Once dinner is over the system will automatically enter 'Slumber'
mode, the lowest temperature.

From the photograph of our friends new AGA Cooker which they have just had installed (May 2009) you can see the control unit in the AGA. It comes with a remote control handset too. Using the AIMS will bring down the price of running your 13 Amp AGA down to about £25 to £30 a week. Still expensive. I would recommend getting a reconditioned 30 Amp aga. Though if you really can't do without the 3rd oven, and running costs don't matter, and ou want the easy installation costs of the electric AGA then the 13 Amp will be the one for you.

For me I would like to know how AIMS taking the AGA into slumber model affects the performance of the simmering oven. Surely you won't be able to use it when the AGA cooker is in slumber mode?

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