We now clean Fridges and Dishwashers

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Apr 22

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We are now offering a fridge cleaning service to complement our oven cleaning service. For this our process is:

  1. We use high-specification steam-cleaner to ensure that the fridge is cleaned thoroughly first and using the steam cleaner also allows us to do a quick defrost.
  2. So we sanitise the whole fridge and/or freezer with the steam cleaner including all interior compartments and shelves interior door panels and rubber seals.
  3. We also sanitise the outside of the fridge including the door handles.
  4. If your fridge is full of food then we can if required, remove food and store in our cool boxes whilst work is being carried out, and put them back afterwards.
  5. All our guys have been on a food handling course and have the certificate.

We are also cleaning dishwashers. For dishwashers our process is:

1. Again using the steam cleaner we clean the interior of the dishwasher including the seals on the door, to sanitise it.
2. We ensure that all food debris is removed.

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