Turtle Mat The Door Mat that really works

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Nov 30

We have been using a new kind of mat for our front door at home and it's called a 'Turtle Mat'. Before we got it I always had a problem getting my shoes dry and nearly always left a trail of footprints into our hall and really it was frustrating especially when our cleaner had just cleaned everything so it was perfect. Wiping my feet on our old carpet didn't seem to be 100% and there was always some residue left on my shoe which naturally made wet footprint marks across our limestone entrance floor. Recently at a Dotty-Red
business conference for my other business I have, the home cleaning company, there was someone there called Simon Moore who told us about the history of the Turtle Mat and why he bought the company. He also did a demonstration and afterwards we managed to get one of the doormats at a discount. Anyway since we have had it in the house there's been an amazing difference, it really is a washable doormat that works! No wet footprints across our hall and no spoiling of the lovely clean floors, especially after they have been cleaned. Really  I think that it just fantastic and we are going to get one for my back door, we haven't got one there at all and it's a real pain when coming back in from the garden especially when it has been raining, one for our office back door, the guys bring in dirt into the office and our office carpet really does need cleaning, and one for our home bathroom as we think it will stop us getting the bathroom wet. So what else can I say, if you really want to keep your house clean your really need to think about getting a doormat that works, one that really gets your shoes completely dry and that mat is a Turtle Mat.

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