Oct 04
ovengleamers van

So after our last employee left we felt well that’s all over and lets try again. We quickly found someone, through a recruitment agency, who was suitable and  interested.

He seemed nice enough. As I was just about to go on holiday I took him out for a day and then let my employees train him. Big mistake!

It wasn’t that he wasn’t cleaning well enough after his training week. It was that he may not have been an ideal candidate to be trained in the art of cleaning in our OvenGleamers method. The subtleties of getting the process right were over looked. There were some things that if I’d known about I would have corrected or made a decision to get rid of him.  He got through the training week and went out on his own.

When I got back I looked at the reviews he was getting. They were good.He was getting to the jobs on time, and doing good cleans. One lady said she would have him back every time from now onwards, she was so impressed.

But then some things started to happen that got us thinking.  He said to me when he came to the office: “These jobs are TOUGH!”. Considering he was only doing standard single and standard double oven cleans, this got me thinking that he may  not be up to it. We were just about to train him to do the bigger ranges and AGAs. This was going to be after I had gone out to ensure it wasn’t only the end result he was getting right but our overall process as well. I had a feeling that he was just going through the motions as far as the paperwork was concerned.

So I think he must have known, I not sure how. I looked at the his schedule and decided to check all the jobs he was going to do in our village the following week.

Then he called in sick for a “back problem” on a Monday. Okay I know that it’s easy to get back problems, but this guy was a relatively young bloke and he said he got it from laying down on a kitchen floor whilst cleaning the ceiling of the oven. Beats me. We had to re arrange his appointments. He saw the doctor and he said he would be okay for the next day.

Then we got a call, on the same day that he had taken off sick, to say that he hadn’t returned a key to a local letting agent from whom he had picked up a key to do a clean on the Thursday before. The key hadn’t been returned on the day and it was now four days afterwards. This is something we are hot on and something we would never do! I went to see him to pick up the key. He said that it was too far from the job to get back to the agents and then to get to the next job on that day. We checked the job, it was last one of the day! He lives 5 minutes away from the letting agency. Why didn’t he just drop it off?

Then the next day things came to an explosive end…


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