Tough Cleaning of Enamel of AGA Cooker

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Oct 20

13 Amp 3 oven AGA CookerImage by Ivydale via Flickr

I cleaned an AGA cooker last week and it was really tough going as the top was very thick in grease.The house was empty as it had been just sold and the new owner of the house and AGA cooker wanted it 'bringing back to life'. It was really in a state and the grease on top had built up over the years and was like a hard solid mass. This sort of build up was caused by the old owner of the house using the AGA incorrectly i.e they were doing lots of frying on the top of the AGA and ignoring the 80 20 rule of the AGA where you do most of the cooking in the main oven.

Because of this it took me an additional 45 minutes to get it up to our AGA gleaming standard 'as new state'. It was a case of scraping off the grease with a blade and then finishing it off with a degreaser and polish. There was an area that was so burnt on I couldn't get it off. Ithink this was caused by a problem with the lid over the main plate; as it didn't fit properly there must have been a lot of heat escaping from the hot plate and this, over the years, helped literally burn the grease into the enamel.

Anyway the client was more than happy with the finished result as it went from thick greasy AGA cooker to bright, shiny and gleaming, like new AGA cooker. He was also getting the AGA cooker serviced by the AGA cooker servcing company Spillers of Chard who are the company we now recommend to everyone who asks us about AGA servicing as we know they will do a good job and can normally fit you in within a couple of weeks which isn't the case with small independent AGA engineers.

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