Tory Claim for AGA Cooker Servicing Shows Green Credentials

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May 25

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I noticed that a Tory MP Oliver Letwin had claimed for his AGA servicing. For me it stuck out as it mentioned AGA. I know AGAs can be expensive to service but I wonder if he has an oil one which even more expensive to run as they coke up especially since the recent change in sulphur content in the kerosene of heating oil.

The point really is that he said in his own defence that there wasn't any other means of getting food hot in the kitchen. So this echoes my belief that most AGA owners don't have back up cookers even if they get paid well and can claim the expensives to look after them and/or buy a backup cooker for the summer months! So how green is your MP?  The AGA cooker produces 4.5 to 6 tonnes of CO2 a year if left on all year round!! This is double what a conventional standard size (4 bedroom) house produces. I'd say a large number of MPs have AGA cookers but not all of them are claiming for servicing costs or getting them cleaned for that matter.

From the BBC news site of Tory Expenses Claimed:

Oliver Letwin clamed: More than £2,000 was received by Oliver Letwin to replace a leaking pipe under a tennis court at his Somerset home at Thorncombe on the Dorset Somerset Border.

The chairman of the Conservatives' policy review team also claimed hundreds of pounds to have an Aga cooker serviced regularly.

His response was:
Mr Letwin said he had been served a statutory notice by the water
to repair the leaking pipe, which runs underneath the tennis
court and garden. "No improvements were made to the tennis court or
garden," he added.

He also said the Aga had been installed
before they moved into the property: "It would have cost a great deal
to remove it. The Aga is the only means of preparing hot food and
requires regular servicing." He will pay the £2,000 back for the pipe

In all his total home claims were:

Job: Chairman of the Policy Review and of the Conservative Research Department

Salary: £64,776

Total second home claims

2004-05: £19,695

2005-06: £19,398

2006-07: £21,244

2007-08: £20,558

Nice if you can get it… though not to be repeated.



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