Too Fat To Professionally Oven Clean

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Jun 19

A question that people don’t ask me but is something you may think about is: Am I am too fat to clean ovens on a professional basis?  And for me this is a pertinent question as I have just weighed myself and I am the heaviest I have been for a few

Losing Weight

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years and the reason really for this is that I have been moving a whole lot less this year as I have been in the office all the time and not been out cleaning ovens.  So for me I can see no reason why I wouldn’t  be able to do the same amount of cleaning as I have always done, I will just feel more tired as I have probably  lost some stamina and won’t be moving around so well. But I know the weight will start dropping off pretty quickly and I know I’d be ‘oven cleaning fit’ after a couple of months.

Our experience is that oven cleaning like any form of continuous activity will contribute to you losing weight. Our first franchise in Berkshire lost two stone in the first year, as he went from being redundant, to starting an OvenGleamers Franchise,  to cleaning a lot of ovens in a short period of time. All the guys who work for us are thin and lean and one of our guys even drinks protein drinks to keep his weight up! I have noticed that our Exeter Franchisee has got even thinner than he was when he started last year, so the OvenGleamers weight loss programme is working for him too! 🙂

So really the answer is it isn’t about weight it is about determination and application to do the work and after a while all the moving around will contribute to a weight loss and making you all round a whole lot fitter.


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