Three men down, one new Oven Gleamer starts

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Sep 14
Gocsej village oven

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Things have been a bit hectic  and a bit nightmarish in the last week or so in our business as we have been greatly reduced in numbers! We had a call from Alan on, not last Sunday, but the Sunday before to say that he had fallen down the stairs at home  that morning and had broken two toes. He had really broken one of them that is it had to be reset with, gas and air, and the other one was fractured. So he initially was told to have a week off of work. As we already had a guy on holiday we were down to two guys working and then on the Wednesday of that week Nigel rang us at his first job to say that he was in agony because he had fractured his big toe the night before when he had walked into his bed at home. So he did one more job and then went off to A&E. Meanwhile Matt R also rang to say that he had badly bruised his ribs as he had been working on his car, on his own, and had got wedged under the suspension when it came down on him. But he said that he would soldier on. On the Friday of that week Alan saw a specialist who signed him off for four weeks. Nigel was also signed off for four weeks! Matt Y was still on holiday abroad and came back this week and started work on Tuesday. As we had already booked up Alan for the following week it left me to do the jobs.

Also Matt rang to tell me that his dip tank wasn’t working. See my next post oven cleaning dip tank problem

Our new franchisee, Mike Churcher – OvenGleamers Exeter and Mid Devon –  was starting this week so we had to swop the training weeks around and I we did the practical this week. So we have done quite a few jobs, I’ve been driving the “Jelly” this week (Daihatsu Extol – it wobbles a lot) as my Peugeot is still being fitted out. On Monday we cleaned an Rangemaster 110 and extractor in Taunton and then we went down to Exeter to clean a single oven, hob and extractor in a rental. On Tuesday we cleaned in a student let in Bristol. The house was very smart but the oven – a double oven and 90cm hob – was pretty gross – and the students made sure we knew that it wasn’t them who made it like that! Mike had to shoot off so I did the last job a single oven, hob and extractor on my own. On Wednesday we had a morning in the office so we could go through all the ovens in the training room and get some practise of taking doors off and putting them back on again, and in the afternoon I went down to Taunton to clean a standard double oven. I got there at 1515 and left at 1745! It was a real nightmare of a clean, a Creda but with very small ovens; I had to strip it all down and get it back together and I had forgotten how difficult all this is too do when the oven isn’t that big. On Thursday we cleaned a single oven and microwave in a house in Bristol where the lady was going to be moving into the property next month and just wanted the oven cleaned up before she moved in. This was straight forward as the oven was a Pyrolytic one and really it was only the door that was dirty. Then we went and cleaned a single oven down in Congresbury and then back to pick up Mike’s van after it had been sign written. Today, Friday, we have been down to Wellington to clean a single oven and then down to Credition to clean a 2 oven AGA and a standard NEFF oven. The first job took us a while as the tank was cold! I think I must of made a mistake when I plugged it in this morning, I had changed the solution yesterday afternoon so I may not have got it heating through properly after this. Anyway luckily the racks weren’t that bad so we were able to clean the manually and when we got to the next job I heated up and everything was fine.


Mike has his business training next week and then it looks like I am going to be out cleaning ovens every day until we get the other two guys back.
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