Thomsons Directory Sales Staff – Persistant And Ignorant

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Oct 20

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After being literally harrassed by Thomsons Directory Sales staff – they really are the pits, well the ones that sale for our Bristol area book anyway. They have had an active campaign to disrupt our business by phoning us, on all our mobiles numbers, and all our office numbers, and emailing us when we are very busy in our office at the moment. Really would you really want to advertise with anyone who sets up this relationship with you? Really they are so rude and ignorant and really only have their own interests at heart.


The wife wrote them an email yesterday:




Hi Sherrie


I’ve just had yet another call from your company today – it was Debbie this time and it was a different man this morning.  In total over the past 2 days we have had 17 calls and emails from Thomsons regarding our advertising and now this is a case of harassment and I DO NOT want to place an advert with Thomson any more.


Your company is outrageous in its treatment of clients and I shall be writing to the Directors of Thomson and explaining exactly what it is like to be a client and be at the end of the phone being harassed by Thomson sales staff.  Your (the collective meaning) behaviour is despicable and you should all seriously have a think about how you operate.


One morsel of advice:  Ring client, request whether they want to advertise, explain any deadline, send paperwork/email….then WAIT…if we want to go ahead we will always respond before deadlines.


Kind regards



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