The Third Really Dirty Oven Of the Week

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Nov 01
Here is the third really dirty oven of that particular oven cleaning training week, the week before last. The first problem was that I was expecting just a standard single oven and when I walked in the kitchen this is what we saw. It was a 90cm single oven range oven which was just a bit dirty. So I had to re quote on the price and the price we came to was half way between our standard single oven price and our 90cm oven price.

The guy I was training cleaned the door whilst I cleaned the inside of the oven which luckily wasn't a fan oven. Both the oven and the door took some cleaning.

I showed him how to take the door apart and left him to get on cleaning the inside of the door. A while later he showed me a problem. The bracket which was attached to the inside of the glass door and which was used to secure the door together had come off a bit. I told him that it would be okay as we could stick together later and I carried on cleaning the oven. Then a while later I looked around and he had the whole strip detached from the door. Really I'm not sure why it came off, an old door, or a bit of inexperience of the trainee. Any way I knew it wasn't going to a major issue as the last time I'd fixed something like this was a few years ago; it wasn't something that happens all the time.

At the end when we put everything together I tried to fix it with super glue which was okay when we left but I was sure it wouldn't going to hold for any extended length of time. I told the customer that if it came apart I'd have to take the door away for 24 hours. She rang the next week saying that the door had come apart. I went and picked it up and took it home and put sealant on bracket and left the door with some bricks on it to allow the sealant to harden overnight The next day I cut off the excess sealant and there it was a fixed door. The customer was happy and she told me that she had recommended me to her friends.

Really I have found this to be the case. If there is a problem and you sort it out swiftly and effectively you get the recommendation. I read something somewhere that it gives the customer a nice glow that you were so eager to sort things out.

So photos are 90cm oven before, 90cm oven after. Sealant applied to bracket on door. The sealant I used.

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