The PL TA Postcode Mix Up

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Apr 16

We had a call from a lady who said she lived in Yelverton and asked me if we covered that area. I said "Yeovilton" yes we do cover that area. The lady, who had a two oven AGA to be cleaned said she would phone back. She phoned back later in the week and booked in her AGA with another member of our staff. I review our bookings on a daily basis and I noticed that the booking had been made with the town of Yelverton and postcode PL20. I thought this must be wrong and changed the name to Yeovilton and the postcode to TA20. Before sending the jobs out to our guys my wife happened to query the address and discovered that it was infact PL20 and Yelverton. Alan had a long drive down to Yelverton to clean the AGA (and I owe the wife a bottle of champagne for spotting my mistake!!).

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