Jan 13

Stoke bishop toilets

Just before Christmas I was cleaning a couple of ovens in the Cardiff area and the day before I'd eaten something very spicy. I mean really hot stuff – it's called ENCONA West Indian Sauce. I've got into the habit of putting this stuff on everything but on this day I over did it a touch and then ate the lot. Anway that day in Cardiff I was in desperate need of the loo. If you are out driving around like we are you know that public toilets are now like Chicken's teeth. I mean a whole load of them in Bristol were sold off and one, in a posh area of Bristol, was changed into a house and is shown above and is now for sale fo ┬ú260K .

So where is the best place to go now if you need to. Well it's McDonalds of course! They are nearly always the same in layout, though I have noticed that the new ones have better toilets, and whilst there you can now get a decent cup of coffee. So no brainer a great British McCrapper.

Really I try and avoid Customers toilets as I really don't want to go through the process of using their sink etc as I feel that I need to make sure all that is clean too. And I've got to change my gloves and there is that time I got dog pooh on the fluffy carpet in the downstairs toilet. So best to keep to McDonalds or at a push if you can bother with the parking at Tescos.

Whilst we are talking about McDonalds over the Christmas period I went to Germany for short break. In Germany they have a McCafe in the McDonalds where they serve ultra good coffee. So McDonalds can we have this please in the UK?

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