The Day in Life of An Oven Cleaning Man

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Feb 19

We get up and have breakfast.

Job1: Our first job usually starts at 0900 so we leave allowing plenty of time to arrive at our first job right on time. Our tank in the back of our van is already hot when we climb into our van as it as it has been heating up whilst we slept.

Our first job will end at around 1000 or 1030 depending on what sort of cooker it is.

Job 2: We drive to our next job to start at 1100 and then after finishing that  at either 1200 or 1230 we drive onto the next one

Job 3 : We start at about 1300 and finish at about 1430.

We drive to the next one.

Job 4: To start atabout 1500 and aim to finish before 1700.

We drive home to get home between before 1800.

We don’t heat our tank up all day as we don’t need and are normal day is to clean four standard ovens

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