Tenancy Changeover Oven Cleans

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Jan 24

When I was in the Royal Air Force and we ‘Marched Out’ of our quarters everything had to be perfect including the oven. I remember soaking my oven in a bath for three days to get it clean on one occasion. Everything had to be clean to ensure that those people moving in could expect the accommodation to be at least 100% clean. If it wasn’t the supervising officer came down on the outgoing tenant hard, which involved a heavy fine.

This attitude is now starting, after all these years, to become the way landlords think about their  accommodation and when a tenant leaves it’s an opportunity to get the place to 100% clean.  So we have seen a huge increase in the number of landlords looking to get their tenants ovens cleaned between lets. This is becoming the norm. So as well as ensuring the house is spick and span else where they aren’t just giving the cooker a wipe over – they are calling us in to make it look sparkling and new; just what the new tenant wanted. The tenant moves in with a sparkling oven and moves out with a sparkling oven or the cost of the clean is taken out of their deposit.

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