Student Accommodation Oven Cleaning

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Sep 09

We are cleaning 128 ovens this week in a student block. All four of us are working on site and its a tough one. We are trying to get 8 ovens cleaned each per day to finish the job in four days. Yesterday I cleaned 8 and today I've cleaned 10 and I'm aching quite a bit.

The other guys have done similar amounts except for Nigel who seems to have become a super hero in that he cleaned 16 yesterday and 16 today! He started really early and worked late and missed lunch and really went for it.  I've checked them all today and they are all perfectly cleaned, sparkling and bright, with a nice clean smooth feel to them – just as they should be. As we are all allocated the same amount anyone who completes their job in less time can have the rest of the time off; a good motivator. So tomorrow whilst we are struggling to get the rest done Nigel will be resting his tired limbs.

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