Stanley Cooker Cleaning

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Jan 10

Last week as Alan took an extended Christmas Holiday I spent a couple of days doing the jobs that he would normally do. So on Tuesday I droved down to Devon to a place near Honiton and cleaned a Stanley Cooker and standard double oven and hob in one property. This probably about the tenth Stanley I have ever cleaned, so not many. The thing to remember is that they have plastic brackets that hold the handles. These can easily be stratched if you forget this. On this Stanley I unscrewed these brackets so I could dip the large, well large when compared with an AGA cooker, handles.  The rest of the clean was relatively straight forward, the inside door panels are enamel so thses can be cleaned a lot quicker and with less effort than the those on the AGA. I had to do a bit more work in the main oven as there was some grease and burnt on carbon on the floor of it. But in the end it all looked good.

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