Stainless steel oven clean Bristol

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Feb 27

This last week I have been oven cleaning in Bristol every day. I have had a few tough jobs and this one in particular was a thoroughly. It was a SMEG standard single oven which was completely stainless steel INSIDE. It is the first time I have ever cleaned an oven like this, in all as a company we have cleaned, at a maximum, five like this. It took me about two hours to clean it, so double the time it takes me to clean a standard single oven. Some bits were just too difficult to get to 100%, but I dipped the back cover and the fan and they came up very well. So in the end a decent job, but I am not looking forward to the next one! Really if you are thinking about buying one of these SMEG ovens for your home please think again.


But if you and you are looking for an oven cleaner in Bristol please give us a ring on 01275 370571.

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