Sparkling Clean Oven like new

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Oct 16

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How We'll Make Your Oven Sparkle Like New:

  •  You ring us on 0800 458 2357 or 01275 370571 and book an appointment for your oven, range cooker, AGA cooker, hob, fridge
    or BBQ to be cleaned.
  • Our office staff will inform you of prices and help determine your needs. The price we give you will be the total inclusive price for the work to be carried out. We will give you the exact time of your appointment and tell you the name of our operative who will be cleaning your oven. 

  •  One of our friendly operatives will come to your premises equipped with specialised cleaning
    products and tools.
  • We will check your oven, range cooker or AGA cooker and confirm with you the price that we quoted.
  • All the removable parts of the oven are taken from your oven, along with the grill pan and soaked in our
    special cleaning solution, in our van, whilst the interior of your oven is cleaned.
  • All the grease, grime and burnt on carbon deposits are removed and put into our special bin.
  • The outside of your oven is given a detailed clean in all the grates, vents and under
    and around the knobs.
  • We replace the bulb in the oven if required (this is included in our inclusive price) and we also carry out minor repairs if required.
  • The sparkling clean oven racks and parts are fitted back into your oven.
  • We take payment by cash, credit or debit card or cheques.
  • After approximately  one to two and half hours the operative leaves you without any mess: only an
    amazingly clean oven that you can use straight away.
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