Dec 15

It always amazes me that some expensive makes of ovens, cookers and ranges have numbers on their facias that are transfers and they come off really easily when you go to clean them. Just touching them with a cloth is sometimes all it takes to take all the numbers off.  When we get these to clean we advise the customer accordingly and then clean them very carefully. The customer is usually fine about this as they normally have already rubbed off some of the numbers themselves.

I cleaned a fairly new (the flats where it was are only a few years old) Siemens single oven today and noticed that most of the numbers on the facia were already off which meant that using the oven would now be guess work.

I have noticed this problem before especially on older SMEG Range Cookers though I have noticed that newer SMEG Range Cookers now have the numbers etched into them which means they don't come off. There doesn't seem any way to fix the problem except to replace the facia. We have had to arrange this only once for a customer and the manufacturer CDA were very good about it supplying and replacing the whole facia for free which I thought was amazing customer service.

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