SMEG Oven Light Bulb Replacement

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May 06

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Oven cleaning can have its little problems. We sometimes find it difficult to remove the glass bulb covers on ovens and especially on SMEG oven and ranges and Britannia ranges. This is because they tend to be right at the back of the oven, are small in size, so are difficult to get hold of, and also they can get totally covered in burnt on carbon. If I can't get them off by just using my hand I now try with a towel or microfibre cloth and also some stuff I bought at Ikea which is designed to stop your carpet or rug from slipping. With this stuff you can get a very good grip on the cover.  Once off we usually dip the cover in our solution in the dip tank in our oven cleaning van. To get the bulb out can be tricky too. Sometimes we have to break the bulb and then use pliers (make sure the electricity to the cooker is OFF) to unscrew the bulb. Once out we then put in a replacement. You need to make sure that the bulb you put in is the right size for the cover. That is: will the cover go back on over the bulb? A lot of the bulbs you buy will be too big for the cover. We use special small bulbs.

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