SMEG Oven Door Seal Broken

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Feb 17

All SMEG ovens have door seals that are tricky to remove as they tend to be quite thin and they also will stick to the oven sides when grease, or burnt on has built up. So when we remove them to clean the oven we have to be particularly careful. The seals are also unusual in that they often have a central clip in the centre of the seal too. So they can be broken very easily if not taken off correctly. The cost to replace the seal is in the region of ┬ú30; so not a cheap replacement for something that looks so fragile!

So my procedure for removing a Smeg Seal:

1. Remove all the corner clips first.

2. Then remove the central clip.

3. If the seal has lots of burnt on carbon on it I would suggest leaving the seal in place and calling out an oven cleaning company to do the job for you. I recommend our oven cleaning company of course!

If the seal has broken on the bottom I would suggest rather than replacing the seal to just cut the bottom length off so the seal will now look like a goal post. This particularly the case on a SMEG A1 90cm single oven range as the replacements are now goal post shape anyway.

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