SMEG Oven Cleaning Problem!

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Oct 23

Again following on re my posting re cleaning SMEG ovens I had a call from Nigel today to say that he had stripped down the door of a SMEG Range Single oven, the A1 model, and he still couldn't get into the last bit of glass in the middle as it was sealed on two sides. I've had this problem in the past and the only way to get the door inner glass 100% clean is to replace  it; though nobody has asked us to do this. It's a design 'feature' of the SMEG Ranges that they have slits in the side of the doors which allow the dirty to get right into the inner layer of glass but we can't get it out. Also putting back the door back together once it has been stripped down is a tricky business; the first one I did took me a few hours to put back together. I think I've got the knack now and I wished Nigel luck putting his back together!

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