Siemens HB55 Problem Replaced Bulb Bulb Blows Board Blows

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Jan 10


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Siemens HB55 Bulb Replaced, Bulb Blows, Board Needs Replacing at a cost of approx £250


We had a couple of these last year.

The ovens were both Bosch, Siemens standard double ovens which look alike, they are newish with LED lights at the top and they are  made in the same factory at Traunreut in Bavaria, the video is of the Siemens one here:  CLICK HERE


They apparently, speaking to the local appliance engineer, have the PCB board behind the top display. So if you look at them they have the LED light display on the top, the board is behind them. He says they now don’t fit new bulbs to these type of cookers, just leave the bulb and the customer has to take the chance!

We fitted proper new heat resistance professional oven bulbs to the two that went wrong. It is debatable that as they were the smaller 25watt bulbs they weren’t the right ones, but we have been doing this for ten years with now problems. In the Siemens manual it says: “If the oven light fails, it must be replaced. 40 watt heat-resistant spare bulbs can be obtained from the after-sales service or specialist shops.

Only use these bulbs”.

However, I have checked the Siemens spares site for this model and the bulb they now supply as a replacement for this cooker is the E14 25 Watt bulb which is exactly the same as the one we carry in the van and would have fitted to these cookers.

So the problem is with the cooker and not the fitting of the bulb. That is it can’t cope with a bulb blowing, and power surge caused by this.  And this could happen at any time.

Really would you expect a cooker of this cost and brand to have these issues? I don’t think so.The Bosch Siemens Group were the first company to invent a fully electric cooker and they are German? 🙂 You’d expect more than this.

We have now decided not to fit bulbs to these type of cookers with these displays, and just leave the bulb and tell the client that there may be a problem.

We also now don’t fit bulbs to the old NEFF cooker with the same problem but is now about 8 to 10 years old compared to the new Bosch and Siemens one, and because of the problem the board that ends up blowing is out of stock now so means that the oven has to be replaced.

If you are thinking of buying one of these ovens I say don’t. Instead go for the Which Best Buy which is a NEFF and also made by the Bosch Group (which will also have been made in the same Bavarian factory) an is about £250 cheaper than the Bosch and Siemens model.

But if you still have your heart set on the Bosch or Siemens model add on the cost of an appliance insurance from a company such as Domestic and General. For the Bosch oven we had with the problem they replaced the oven for a new one and it was sorted within a few days.


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  • Brianh

    I have had exactly the same problem with the light inside my Siemens oven. In this case £140 for a new control board. To try to prevent a reccurence I have added a 1A inline fuse in the lamp circuit

    • ivydale

      HI Brian, Thanks very much for your input. I’ll remember this and recommend it to people if I hear that they’ve had the same problem. Graham