Jan 27

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This month has been quieter than previous years and we have had to work very hard in the office to get the jobs booked in. It has just been a case of making contact with old clients and asking them if they would like to benefit from the special offers we have had on. So in all we have booked all four of our guys up every day for the month which has been an achievement. I have been in the office in the afternoons and have been out on a few days to clean AGAs and to cover when the guys have been sick.

This morning I was due to be working in the office but at 0715 we got a call from one of our oven cleaners to say that he had been sick in the night and couldn't work today. As all the guys were booked up it meant I had to go and do his jobs which was four double ovens at different locations including a bit of a drive to Frome in the late afternoon. So straight away I plugged the van in and then I then went to the office and printed off the jobs and then preped by van for the day. So I left home at 0820 to get to my first job on time at 0900, I had a few problems  finding the place as the sat nav took me up the road a bit, but still got there on time. The oven was standard double oven and was quite dirty, the lady said they had never cleaned it and it was eight years old. I had a bit of problem cleaning it as I couldn't get the main door off, the locking mechanism wasn't working properly. Whilst doing the job I plugged my van in, it was easy as it was a farm yard, to get my tank up to temperature. The job went well and the lady was very happy. I then drove across Bristol to the second job which was in a rental. The tenants had just moved in and the oven was very bad. It was a bit of hard labour to get it clean as it was minging and it took me over two hours to do the oven and the ceramic hob. But it came up very well. During this job my wife texted me to tell me that the last job in Frome had been moved to next week so that was a relief. I drove back across Bristol to clean the last double oven and this time it was a relatively easy job, an older NEFF double oven where the door was a bit tricky to take apart but other than that it was fine. Then back to the office to clean the van out and top up my water tank. I booked a few jobs in for next week and then that was end of the day.

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