Shall we turn the AGA cooker off for the Summer?

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May 14

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Phew it's be lovely and hot outside for the last few days and this has meant I've noticed that it's even hotter in our kitchen now with our claret 30 Amp AGA cooker still kicking out the heat. It's a case of getting a sweat on whilst doing any work in the kitchen and an even bigger one if you are using the AGA itself. So this gets me thinking about the big question: Shall we turn the AGA off for the summer this year?  Last year was our first Summer with in this house and the first summer with the AGA and I didn't really notice it being that hot. This year already seems to be a lot hotter and we haven't even got anywhere near the main summer months.
Well we could turn it off but we haven't got a conventional oven as a back up but we do have a microwave. So it's a case of having decent meals with the AGA on but sweating a bit – we can open the back door and the windows to get some through air – or switching it off and then having crap meals from the microwave. Well that's an easy choice… Sorry I can't do without some luxuries in my life: a decent meal and the convenience of the AGA cooker being two.

By the way our friend who has just had her kitchen totally refurbished installed an AGA cooker and also put in, by way of summer backup, a conventional stainless steel AEG double oven. We are going to stay at their house soon so I will give you an update.

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