Setting Timer on Bosch Cooker

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Dec 03

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I've had a problem with a Bosch Cooker two days in a row so I thought I do a post on it. The problem has been setting the clock after switching the oven back on after switching it off. As the bulb had broken off in the main oven for safety's sake I switched the oven off. When I have switched back on I have been faced with just the flashing numbers usually, on most ovens, to reset it's been a case of just pressing the hand button. However in this case I tried every configuration of button pressing I could think of and still the main oven didn't switch on. Somehow yesterday I managed to get the oven to switch on, I must have stumbled on the solution. Today I phoned my wife in the office and she searched on the internet and found out how to do it.

So if you are having the same problem here is the solution. The timer knobs will have  this configuration: an alarm button then two arrows, and a hand (manual) button, and then a knob to turn. Press both of the arrow buttons at the same time and then turn the knob to set the time, the oven will now operate. That's it nice and straight forward when you know how!

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