Scores on the Doors – Oven Cleaning Schedule

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Apr 10

We attended an event held by Taunton Deane Borough Council at Taunton School  see  and also, and

It was a day event to increase awareness of the scheme in the South Somerset and West Somerset Areas. Lots of local businesses were invited and several workshops were held on the day to help increase their awareness and knowledge of the scheme. Businesses were made aware of what was expected in the maintenance and management of systems to ensure the cleanliness of premises and equipment and food management.

We were there as we were interested in marketing our company as a solution to meeting the requirements of the scheme. We would be able to offer a regular eco friendly way to meet the requirement of having a kitchen cleaning management schedule in place.  We marketed our services to local businesses who were looking for a solution to help with the regular cleaning of their cooking equipment and we hope we ge some business out of it – watch this space.

Many thanks to The Food Safety Team of Taunton Deane Borough Council for doing such a good job in arranging the event.

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