Replacement Oven Parts Fast Delivered by Zanussi

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Mar 24

I cleaned a Zanussi oven last Saturday. The client had just had her kitchen completely refitted so everything looked new and sparkling except for the Zanussi Double Oven. Well an hour and half later and the oven fitted in with the rest of the kitchen looking sparkling and new.

The client told me that the builder whilst refurbishing the kitchen had accidentally put a plank of wood through the door of the grill compartment of the oven and smashed the glass door. She ordered a new one from Zanussi (see Zanussi parts and it arrived the next day (at a cost of ┬ú70 for just the glass bit of the smaller compartment door – yes oven parts are expensive!). This to me is absolutely fabulous service from Zanussi as the companies I use tend to take several weeks to deliver and often they send the wrong part!

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