Redfyre or AGA Cleaning Taunton

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Sep 27
I’ve had a great day out cleaning today. I went to Taunton and cleaned a Redfyre 4 oven range cooker (Picured). It was booked in as a four oven AGA. But when I got there obviously it wasn’t. This is only the second Redfyre range I have ever done so was different. Looking at the configuration it was closer to a two oven AGA plus module but I didn’t mention the higher price and got on cleaning it. The Redfyre, which apparently is now owned by the AGA Rangemaster group is a great looking cooker, and on the quality side it felt more solid than an AGA. The Redfyre could be called an AGA copy, but they copied the AGA and made it better (which is probably why they were bought up by AGA), the doors were thicker and heavier with more insulation and also were easier to clean in that they had enamel linings. The oven in the ‘module’ was dirty and getting the fan cover off was a bit tricky but I managed to work it out and dipped it and the fan, and both came up very well. Cleaning the inside of the ovens was difficult as the floor of the oven was cast and really it was a case of doing the best job that I could. The top of the range was pretty clean so only needed some detail cleaning, the owner was impressed with my Tesco toothbrush which got out some residue from the hinges. The Redfyre looked great at the end. I noticed that even though this range would be considered a higher quality range the hob on the top of the ‘module’ was a Baumatic which you wouldn’t think of being a quality item but really it really seem to be good, the hob stands sat very neatly on the top each of the burner units. In all I found the clean to be a good experience though as I said that fan and cover was tricky.So that job was priced at £155. Then I drove across Taunton to Cotford St Luke and cleaned a NEFF double oven. As this customer has been with us for years (she was one of my first customers in April 2004) the ovens didn’t have any burnt on carbon just the greasy stuff so was a relatively fast clean. This job was £70 and then I drove across to the other side of Taunton and cleaned a Stoves standard double oven, again another £70. This oven had lots of burnt on carbon but the Stoves was unusually in that it was completely enamel inside rather than being mostly self cleaning like they normally are.

Then it was drive back up the motorway to the office. Matt was waiting for me as he had a problem with his element – we changed it a couple of weeks ago but it had already “gone”. So that is the Screwfix Tatanium element off my list. The inside of the thermostat was wet meaning that the weld around this had failed. So a fail in two weeks not good.


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