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Jul 13

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We often clean range cookers, work areas, grills and extraction units in Pubs,small restaurant, cafes and Bed and Breakfasts' kitchens. Often I have been surprised by the lack of cleanliness of areas and equipment that should be regularly cleaned.

In any food production area or catering facility it is essential that high quality kitchen cleaning is carried out to meet environmental health standards. We have a detail deep cleaning service that can meet the toughest of demands.

To get five stars for 'stars on the doors' you need to have a cleaning schedule in place.  Having a cleaning schedule in place will reduce the risk of contamination and poisoning, anything less may mean that you are putting your business, your reputation and most importantly your customers at risk!

 We use our experience and expertise to relieve you of your worries. Our highly trained team use only the safest products and have a range of specialist equipment to clean extractor fans, cooking equipment, and small kitchen appliances.     

We can also offer a regular intensive deep clean service to give added peace of mind. All cooking equipment will be dismantled and chemically cleaned, decreased and sanitised, both internally and externally ensuring that all carbon and fat deposits that have built up inside the equipment are removed. All floor services will be de-greased; we pay particular attention to the food preparation areas, sinks and units.

This gives an unparallelled level of cleanliness. We pay particular attention to areas difficult to access by your staff. The aim is to leave your equipment in as good as new condition.


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