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Sep 03

Jerry Hyde our new franchisee for Leeds started training this week and on the first day we normally would have done business training but as one of our employees went sick last week (bad back caused from something at home) we had a full day of

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jobs booked in for him but no one to clean them. So we decided to switch the training around and I took Jerry out to do the cleaning jobs. They were all repeat customers so in all it was a straight forward day. I cleaned the first oven as a demonstration and then Jerry got more involved in jobs two and three. We did a single, followed by two double ovens with hob and extractors. So the day was £67 + £118 + £118. So in all not a bad day. The ovens were an old Neff, an AEG double and a Bosch double. So I could point out the potential pitfalls to look out for when when cleaning these oven types, for example the problems with the hinges on the Neff and Bosch doors, that if you don’t know what you are looking for can cost you and the painted internal glass on the door of the AEG which can easy disappear with one pass of the scraper.

Jerry was star and got stuck in. And the van was too, I loved! I haven’t actually used our new Mercedes-Benz Citan to actually do proper oven cleaning jobs myself. I have driven the van ‘dry’ as a demonstrator and I have gone out with our employee in our other Citan van but not the new one which is the same as the franchisee van build with the tailgate. The tailgate really makes it easy to open up the rear compartment and the tank did stay ‘Hot All Day’ as my franchisees have been telling me, infact at 1530 it was still very hot and I couldn’t leave my gloved hand in the solution for more than twenty seconds.

And driving the van was great too, the driving position, parking with the reversing sensors in tight spaces was easy, and the stop start technology worked every time we stopped in the heavy Bristol traffic.

In all I really enjoyed my day it was good to do some oven cleaning again.

Today we are out again and for our first job we are off to clean for a local charity accommodation house where they provide accommodation for older people (average age 87) who buy flats in their complex and they provide care to them. We clean their  ovens when they change over. Today we are cleaning a hob and extractor in one of the flats. Then we have got another three jobs across Bristol.

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