Oven Cleaner’s 30 AMP AGA COOKER

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Jan 07

 Here is a photo that I have taken of our 30 Amp Cooker here at home. It's looking pretty good even though we have now had it it for three years. It was a reconditioned one that we bought from Mr Cooker after we had moved into our current house.  The only problems we have had with it in the three years have been: two elements have gone and the fan on the back has also packed in, but apparently these are normal problems of a 30 Amp AGA of this age (It's somewhere around 2000 to 2005 in age). We bought it and had it installed just before Christmas which looking back wasn't the best time to have it installed, or buy it as the price was higher than it would have been at any time of year,  but as we had just completed our kitchen and left a gap for it it had to be done and the 30 Amp was our only option (knowing how expensive it is to run a 13 Amp AGA) as there was no place to have a flue, and my son had just been born and we needed the kitchen to be completed.

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