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Jul 16

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We've had Peter on work experience this week in the office here is his write up of the week:

My name is Peter and I go to St Katherine’s school in Pill, I
had to do one week’s worth of work experience. I chose to do this at Oven Gleam
Oven in Pill.

  Oven Gleam is a company that goes round
cleaning ovens until they gleam making them look brand new but I didn’t go out
cleaning ovens I stayed in the office. I have arrived between 5 minutes and 10
minutes early but I haven’t realized that until I got there. The first thing I did
was to go and get some milk as we were out and because we wanted a cup of tea.

 During this week I answered
the phone and took down any messages, made the tea when we wanted a drink which
was quite often but I didn’t mind I was glad to help, making spreadsheets for
loyalty card customers filling in their first name, last name, address, their
telephone number and mobile number if they had one, their birthday and their
partners birthdays so that they could be sent as a birthday offer on their
birthdays then in the last column was their email address.

  I have also written envelopes
for the Time For You Cleaners Newsletter, Time For You is a domestic cleaners
service also run by the owners of Oven Gleam, and The Oven Gleam Loyalty Club
when I was writing the names and address of people that the envelopes were
address to it took me about half the day and after that I had to put the
newsletters in them which filled up the rest of day, I also had to design a spreadsheet
that stated what recycling went where, like paper and cardboard being flattened
also that vegetable and fruit peelings can be recycled into compost but they encourage
to recycle them at home if you have a garden

  I also counted the
amount of equipment that they had which then lead me to cleaning the cupboard which
I then tided this took me about an hour but at least it made it neater their
was also a path through the middle which makes it easier to access equipment. I
also sorted out a unit where paper work goes like complementary slips putting
name tags on the appropriate draw and checking what stuff was in their.


I am glad I choose this place to do my work experience as
the staffs there are friendly and there is a good atmosphere about the place.

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