Aug 10

In my last post I mentioned that we are moving offices. We aren’t moving far it is a matter of 100 yards but the move will be a big move forward for us as a business.

‘Why are we moving?’ you might ask, as if you have seen our current operation you might ask – isn’t that enough? – but it has been pretty obvious recently to us that our current premises are too small. As we have recently taken on a new member of staff – Charlotte Hardy – and also have had a university student – Jack Robinson – for the a lot of the past few weeks we haven’t had anywhere to sit! We (myself and my wife Catherine) have both been working at home and it hasn’t been ideal. So something is telling us it is time to move.

With the new premises we will have the capacity to increase our ‘call centre’ staff to 10 which we think will be the number we will need to be a national as a company with local franchisees covering the local areas. It means that we will be able to handle the franchisees calls in the most professional way. Also the new premises will have quite a large training room where I will also to do some video shooting, so a sizeable room where we can set up rows of chairs and do some proper training and presentations. And we will have our own office to work independently from everyone else. Also it will have a training kitchen which is going to be bigger than our current one.

So for us it is an exciting time, I am currently pricing up kitchen bits and pieces to kit out our new training kitchen, and working out how we are going to move our AGA cooker and other cookers into it; and for the main office we are sorting out new phone lines and a new computer system.

We hope to all in and operating out of the new premises by the third week in September.

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