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Jul 02

We have recently taken on new staff in the OvenGleamers office as we have realised that with extra staff we can do more telesales marketing and get more appointments in a day, and obviously increase our turnover and profit. That is we are phoning our client base

English: Full seal of the University of Durham

English: Full seal of the University of Durham (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

of 14,000 clients and asking them nicely if they’d like to take advantage of our special offers for existing clients. As we take payment on booking it works very well. And as we measure our daily stats it means we can work out the daily total and also the average spend of each client. So last week Charlotte started and this week Jack started.


Charlotte, who is going to be with us permanently, had a very good first week helping increase our sales but she had to go on holiday this week as it was pre booked. So this week Jack has started – he is at Durham University – so it is a holiday job but he has had an exceptional two days with both of our days sales figures being very high. The average spend per appointment made has been, on both days this week, £100.  So we are hoping that he maintains it and with the rest of our office team we can create some records this week, maintaining our average spend per customer throughout the rest of the week and breaking our weekly record of total sales. So I can feel the excitement building and am looking forward to tomorrow to see what we can do! 🙂

Durham University has been on mentioned a few times this week as with the extra people in our office we have started looking for a new bigger office and have recently looked at a very strong possibility and the landlord of the building had a connection to Durham University – his daughter went there. My wife Catherine also went to Durham University and now Jack, who has been an undergraduate at Durham for two years, has joined us.



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