OvenCleaning TV New Video Showing New Dip Tank For New Franchisee

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Aug 28


Here is a video that I recorded last week of our new Franchisees van fit. This is the standard of fit that all new OvenGleamers franchisees are going to get. The van here is the Nissan NV200 which I can say I was totally impressed with. Though a bit larger than I have been used to it it a fabulous driving position and drove really well. We partitioned off the back of the van and then had it lined with plastic welding the joins to get it water tight. It was a fabulous job. The other things we did was to fit a LCD light in the central compartment and of course fit the oven cleaning dip tank and the rinse tank that we use. For the oven cleaning dip tank we added insulation and had that covered in plastic too. So in the end a really neat job that looked the business to of course do the business.


The video sound isn't 100% I was using a new microphone on top of the camera but I didn't notice how windy it was. So the microphone was knocking against the side of the camera bracket – hence the clicking noise.


I am also doing videos for each of days training so they will be up next.


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