Sep 02

Oven Pride has been recalled – so please be aware of this. So if you have or know anyone who has a bought this product or have this product in their house then they can get a full refund from the shop they purchased it from.


There has been a serious accident where a little boy drank from a the Oven Pride bottle left on a table by his grandmother. As the contents is a high concentration of sodium hydroxide or caustic the little boy has suffered serious injuries.


For full story see the link here.


I have bottle of this in my garage, we were given it at an at a cleaning conference in 2004. I have never used it and intended to do a video on how to use it as you need to be extremely cautious if you have this stuff inside your house. But it is a top seller selling thousands of bottles a week throughout the UK and has been given a Which? award as their top product. The number of sales is something I make people interested in starting an oven cleaning business aware of so they can see the potential of the domestic oven cleaning market.


I have just gone out to the garage and tried to get the top of the bottle off. It wasn’t easy you really have to press and turn the ‘child proof cap’ to get the top off. So my guess is the bottle top was already off when the child picked it up, or they may have changed the supplier of the bottle since mine was made and their may have been a fault the top hence the recall. But really I can’t see a two year old screwing any top off.


Looking at the warnings on the box it does say keep the bag away from children, but this would be once the fluid has been poured into it. I think they need to put bigger warnings on the product box and really this stuff shouldn’t be kept in the house when not being used.


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