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Jul 02

I spent last week out with Matt Owen as he was doing is was finishing off his  franchise training. So it was a case of going out with him on jobs

oven cleaning fareham

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and ensuring he could cope with the jobs we had.  It was all straight forward with Matt because of his previous  hands on experience of putting cars together and  racing Lawn Mowers; so he has had the advantage of being practical and therefore hasn’t had the sort of handling problems new franchisees   normally have with hinges and other bits and pieces, he learnt very quickly. So its just be a case of learning the processes we use and getting experience of the cleans.


We had some tough jobs though, a very dirty range, and an extremely dirty single oven range and extractor. But they all looked like new at the end of the job, as you would expect. On his ‘sign off job’ we used his van which has the new OvenGleamers oven cleaning dip tank that I have designed. It is a big improvement over the old one and I have been pretty excited about it.


His wife joined us at the end of the week for the business training with my wife Catherine and then they drove their OvenGleamers van, fully loaded up with the oven cleaning supplies we supply,  back to Fareham on the Friday. All set and ready to go.This week, as I write this on Wednesday, he has had seven jobs booked in producing a revenue of just under £700 so an approx average of £100 a job.  So not a bad start and it means the launch marketing we are doing in the area is working!

For oven cleaning fareham please give us a ring on

01489 23 23 22

We clean all type of oven including AGAs and AGA type cookers. We also clean all range cookers, extractors, hobs, and BBQs.


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