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Oct 15

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Well here's looking forward to our Christmas Do as we will be giving out two prizes to our operatives: Best Kept Van of The Year, and Oven Cleaner of the Year.

We have been keeping a record of how clean the vans are, both in and out and noting how many testimonials our guys have been getting and other good things they have been doing.

This weeks Oven Cleaner of the Week in our business was Alan. We have had lots of calls this week saying how fantastic he is. So Alan gets it this week. The van of the week went to Hugo. I have given Hugo the new Citroen Berlingo van to drive and he has added some useful drawers for storage in it and tidied it up. He mentioned that he has used the Traffic Master Sat Nav thingy and 'it's alright' – I hate it by the way; watch out for my post.

So the race is hotting up for our Christmas function.

Currently it looks like Hugo is in the lead for both prizes with our new guy Matt very close behind which is great considering Matt has been with us for a couple of months.

So watch this space.

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