Oven Gleam is Nine Years Old

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May 01

The last big event recently for us  was last week as it was OvenGleam’s birthday so my oven cleaning business OvenGleam is now 9 years old. That is nine years ago was my first day of cleaning ovens and I drove to Wellington in Somerset from my home in Taunton and cleaned a single oven for elderly lady and also for her sister next door, exactly the same oven again. I remember I had problems with cleaning an aluminium tray which was in the oven, I can’t remember exactly where it was but to make a good impression I scrubbed it to get it clean. I won’t do that these days as I know a quicker way! So it was all go on that day. I had the brand new Ford Transit Connect, all sign written and looking very smart and me brand new too.

So after those two jobs I then drove a short way down the road and cleaned an oven for an even older gentleman who was in his eighties. The oven was an older style one and I can remember that I thought it was an easy job. So in quite a good first day. But then it was just me in the business on my own, so I was doing everything on that day. I remember really taking a long time to get going I think really from lack of confidence but once I had ordered the van then I had to put things in place. When I started I had the other business too, which I had lost interest in, the Time For You Franchise I had bought a year earlier and which I found really boring to do as it was so straight forward. So it was me running both companies doing everything. It was really lucky that I met my now wife Catherine a month after doing all this and she started helping me by taking the calls and booking in appointments which allowed me to concentrate on the marketing stuff, such as Google Adwords which helped us to grow the business.

Now nine years later I haven’ t been out cleaning since January and am in the office working on marketing for the business and doing other stuff like, still managing the Adwords, thinking of videos to put together and sorting out some new training for AGA renovation which I intend to roll out across the network, and I am remembering the reasons why I went into oven cleaning in the first place. Being back in the office is, well boring, it doesn’t match a day out oven cleaning, with the effort to get things done and the satisfaction from the great comments, and driving the van around, and the visits to the coffee shops.

But the reality is now we are a larger business and we now we have lots of franchisees and have employees in our office and the best bit is we also have the new Mercedes Benz Citan van for the business – with another one turning up at the beginning of next week, so really exciting times.

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