Oven Cleaning Weekly Meeting and Oven Cleaner Awards

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Jun 04


We didn't have our regular oven cleaners meeting yesterday, as the guys were all over the place and Nigel had to finish earlier as he is moving house today and we found Alan another job, a range cooker, near Williton, which is near Minehead where he had had two jobs in the morning; so a full day in Minehead for him – it was a bit too far for him to drive back to the office.

Our weekly oven cleaners meeting is normally every week and normally it is on a Thursday at a set time. All the guys turn up and we have a proper meeting. I have got a set agenda which I go through. We have been doing this for a few years now and we started doing it on the advice on the Action Coach we had at the time. It is to do with getting together and talking through any problems etc, going through new cleaning ideas, keeping the guys uptodate. It fits in with Brad Sugars' Team Building concepts. For a tip to improve your business if you have a business where you don't see much of your employees it certainly has helped our business to soar.

We have also started giving out the employee of the week award and the van of the week award. This has got quite competitive. John who has our brand new Citroen Berlingo has started polishing his oven dip tank; and I do mean polishing it! It looks very shiny. However, as he has the new van we are looking at the other vans and watching to see how they improve on them as he is in a position where he would just win every week. As there is a prize to be awarded for Oven Cleaner of the Year and Oven Cleaner Van of the Year at the end of the year before Christmas the stakes are getting high.

So last week John didn't win the van of the week award, we gave it to one of the others who had made a huge improvement on the tidiness and cleanliness of their van. 

We normally give out the employee of the week to the person with the most testimonials – we are now getting clients to email them in if they phone us or the person who up sells the most. The person who won last week had a very good up sell. This week we have had a couple of good oven cleaning testimonials

John wasn't too happy that we weren't giving the awards out this week as we didn't have a proper meeting as he had spent some time getting his van really clean, again. Oh well maybe next week John!

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