Oven Cleaning Van Trouble

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Sep 27

We have five vans for our business though one of them isn't fitted out as yet with a dipping tank and hasn't got our OvenGleam branding on. We have:

  • A 2004 Transit Connect 1.9 Diesel
  • A 2005 Transit Connect 1.9 Diesel
  • A 2006 Daihatsu Extol 1.3 Petrol
  • A 2006 Daishatsu Extol 1.3 Diesel
  • A 2006 Citroen Berlingo 1.9 Diesel

They've all got their individual merits with the Daihatsu being good around town and the Transit Connect just great to drive. The Berlingo was a van I use in another business which I no longer have, and as it's not a turbo model it takes a while to get it going. We been operating with three vans booked up everyday and with me in the fourth giving cover so that we can book in last minute cleans and I've also been cleaning alot of AGAs.

We've been on holiday in the last week – we were in France and the weather was fab so we've got a bit of a suntan. But whilst we were away someone broke the windscreen on the Berlingo and the 2005 Transit Connect Engine blew up!  We got the windscreen replaced on the Berlingo today.

Our 2004 Transit Connect has been off the road for the last two months – it's a long story but basically the oil filter came undone and the van suddenly lost oil and siezed – we've been looking to take action against the garage that serviced it (mot and service for ┬ú100!). So at this moment we have only two vans operating. So now its all go to get the Berlingo fitted out as soon as possible; we're going to get it done on Monday so this will mean minimal disruption to the clients we've already got booked in.

We are going to trade in one of the Transit Connects for a new van and as I saw the the new Renault Kangoo van in France whilst there it's top of my list ; it looked a lot different from the current Kangoo looking more beefy and muscular and it will certainly look great when sign written with our logos. We are going to get the other Transit Connect fixed.

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