Oven Cleaning Van Problems Time to Say Goodbye

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Jul 18

This week we have started off well in the office. On Monday we had our best day every of taking sales, it fact it was so high we all had to double check it as we didn’t believe it. It beat all our other one day sales, so a fabulous day. Tuesday was over our daily target too so a great Tuesday too. Wednesday wasn’t that good but we still have two days to get a great result for the week.

But unfortunately we had another problem in that when one of my old vans (Daihatsu Extol) was going across the bridge on the way to Wales, the red light came on the dash and steam came out of the engine and it was time to pull over. We got the

Daihatsu Extol (Singapore market Hijet Gran Ca...

Daihatsu Extol (Singapore market Hijet Gran Cargo, 1300cc) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RAC out and after they confirmed that this vehicle was covered – the vehicle membership wasn’t on one system but was on another – they came out to have a look. The problem was a hole in the radiator. So they took the van back to the garage we have been using for a our repairs and they told us the next day that it was going to cost £497 to replace the radiator and it would take a week for the parts to arrive. So first I got in a strop about this as I was sure that when our other Daihatsu’s radiator went last year it was only a £100 quid to fix it, and “Why was there such a big different in the prices”. But I had to apologise when later they told me that the price before had been £395 and that had been with their Fast Fix Centre which was no longer in operation. And the new price with a discount applied would be £437. So we went ahead with.

Our other Daihatsu van has also been in the garage for about two weeks now waiting for brake cylinders from Japan to fix the leaking break cylinder. So both of my old vans in the garage and it’s now time to think of selling them as we can’t afford to have unreliable vans and they have got to the age when a fix is close to £500 each time and the time off the road could be two weeks off to get parts for then. So they have to go as we can’t operate like that. We are getting them both back today – so they must have fixed the radiator or sourced a new one very quickly.

As we were stuck for a van to get jobs already booked in I commissioned my new Mercedes-Benz Citan van, with the tailgate,  so that we would have a full complement. I have decided to order another one to get another demonstrator in to show perspective franchises, or as my wife is now calling them ‘our future franchisees’, as I now don’t have a ‘virgin one’ which really does make a difference. So we should have that at the beginning of September. And that will mean that we have bought four vans in 12 months.

I’ll do another post on our new Mercedes Citan van with the tailgate as it really is a cracker and I love it.


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