Jan 12

My lease on my Berlingo is running out in the next three months and for the life of me I can't remember if I have to give it back or I can keep it. There are two different types of lease you can get when you lease a van and on one you must give it back and the on the other you can negiotate a price and keep it. I've got a feeling that mine is on the one where I've got to give it back. It's not good news if I've got to give it back as I've got to fit out a new van. I know it's just a case of transfering the kit from one van to the other but it still is an inconvience.

I need to find out soon so that I can order a new van, so another job on my list for this week.

Ideally the best way to buy a van is either outright or on HP where you end up owning the van outright eventually.

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